How to manage time & prepare effectively for JEE

How to Prepare for JEE

By Sameer Kataria (IIT-Roorkee and Famous Quora Writer in Topic – ‘IIT’)

Well I have encountered this question a lot of times but I always skipped this one because I know this question does not have a well defined answer as people always try to prepare in the way which they find very easy and suitable. Here I am covering  some of the major questions about JEE .


  1. Self study vs. coaching – Let’s be clear on this one. If you can do self study, their is no comparison to that. The problem is that not all have the calibre to do self study. Here’s when the coaching classes come in handy. Some coaching classes have quite good teachers and  study material. Also you can approach them for any doubts or concepts. Coaching classes will save your time too. Let me explain. When you read 3-4 pages of your textbook, It will take approximately half an hour but a coaching teacher can explain it to you within 15 minutes.
  1. Books to be referred– This is a tough one. Your coaching will suggest you something and others would suggest you something. I say, you should go with 2-3 standard books. If your coaching provides you study material, that would be best. Don’t collect a lot of books. During my preparation, I too collected a lot of books and ended up reading only a few(maybe 2 or 3 for each subject).
  1. How much time should you devote regularly?– Their are two different cases. The ones who attend school and coaching classes and the others who only attend coaching. For the former, I think you should study 3-4 hours a day. The latter ones have excess of time so 4-6 hours should do for them. I don’t recommend a time table because at times it becomes very difficult to follow. Someday you will have a test of a particular subject or you won’t be in the mood to study a particular subject.
  1. Reading theory vs. Solving problems – I have seen many people that read theory a lot but solve less no of problems. Make sure you aren’t in that group. The best thing is to listen carefully in your class so that your concepts become clear. Don’t let your mind deviate during your lectures. Come home and start solving  problems. Solving a lot no of problems is the key to cracking JEE.
  1. What about NCERT?- NCERTs are great textbooks. Don’t ignore them. Sometimes questions directly from your NCERTs are asked in mains or advanced. Also your boards preparation will remain up to the mark.
  1. How to remain motivated during JEE preparation?- There will be times when you will be fed up. There must be some kind of entertainment in your life. Watch T.V, play outdoor games, read novels and listen to music etc. Listen to TED talks. There are people who have build their life from a scratch. Get inspiration from their stories. You can follow the story of Jack Ma, The founder of Alibaba. You can listen to motivational music. I preferred Fireworks by Katy Perry. You can also listen to Never Give Up by Sia.


Also take care of our health. I have seen quite hard working people screwing their JEE paper just because they were suffering from fever or cold.